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The integration

Between 1950 and today approximately 4.5 million Russian-Germans and their families have immigrated back to Russia. The integration of this many people into German society is a big joint task for Germans and Russian-Germans. It’s a task that has been successfully managed until today.

The following sources contain further information on the subject:

Studien über die Integration der Spätaussiedler von 2013-2014

Federal Agency of Migration and Refugees:

"Approximately 4.5 million people have been immigrating back into Germany as (late) emigrants since 1950. Their integration can generally be seen as a story of success - even with differences in their time of immigration, their conditions of integration..."

Download Forschungsbericht BAMF NRW


State Secretary Dr. Schäffer:

"The integration of late emigrants is a story of success. Late emigrants are well integrated into North Rhine-Westphalia." This is the result of an investigation by the authority of the NRW-Ministry of Integration. "The employment rate of Germans from Russia and other Eastern-European countries is high, their unemployment rate is low", says State Secretary Dr. Wilhelm Schäffer in November 2013 in Düsseldorf during a festive event.

Download Bericht Ministerium


State government of Hessen

Heimatvertriebene und Spätaussiedler – eine Bereicherung für unser Land. Bericht der Landesbeauftragten der Hessischen Landesregierung für Heimatvertriebene und Spätaussiedler 2009-2014. - Ministry of Social Affairs Landesbeauftragte der Hessischen Landesregierung für Heimatvertriebene und Spätaussiedler – Januar 2014.

Download Bericht



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